Jazz Vocals

WINTERPLAY two fabulous fools


Status: This product is currently out-of-print
WINTERPLAY / CD / English / 1 Disc(s) / KT Music, Korea
WINTERPLAY [n. win-ter-play] two fabulous fools who created choco snowball and cintinue to make pop jazz music for planet earth since 2008... More

Yoga Lin‧Jazz Channel (2CD)


Yoga Lin / CD / English/Mandarin / 2 Disc(s) / Warner Music
林宥嘉 首張爵士專輯 - Jazz Channel 林宥嘉邂逅爵士慈善音樂會Live精華 16首精彩歌曲 2CD一次完整收錄 林宥嘉×五位爵士好手 / 精心選曲完美改編 林宥嘉×許尹齡 / 音樂與藝術首度跨界合作 Song List CD 1... More

Louis Armstrong - The Okeh, Columbia & RCA Victor recordings 1925-1933 (10CD)

CODE: 88697945652

Louis Armstrong / CD / Pure Music/English / 10 Disc(s) / Sony Music
路易斯.阿姆斯壯/Okeh、哥倫比亞與RCA Victor時期作品1925-1933 (10CD) ◎收錄爵士樂大師路易斯.阿姆斯壯於Okeh、Columbia &RCA Victor旗下錄音 ◎全新內文由爵士樂專家 Ricky Riccardi執筆 路易斯.阿姆斯壯(Louis... More

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