What is HQCDII?
The second generation of HQCD! Utilization of higher-quality, purple-dyed polycarbonate in addition of adaptation of silver alloy as the reflective layer, Compact Disc with superior sound quality is realized. HQCDII can be played on all Compact Disc players.
Use of higher-quality polycarbonate.
Using higher-quality polycarbonate which is used for LCD TVs and plastic lens, High precision pit transcription can be achieved with this new material. The transparency and very low bi-refringence contribute to high quality sound production.
Use of silver alloy as its reflective layer material.
With its better reflectivity sound which is closer to it's original master is possible.
Use of specially-formulated purple dye
Due to its natural ability to enhance the red laser beam going through the polycarbonate, near precise reading of the digital data is possible. Less jitter is produced after all.

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