The Kings Plays Some Aces & Cugat Plays Continental Hits


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Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
拉丁皇歐陸名曲選 - 多首Xavier Cugat式鬼馬拉丁編曲,生鬼動聽的大熱歐陸名曲共30首,超強復刻製作,當中包括以35mm菲林作母帶的大動態錄音。
英國品牌 原裝大碟詳細資料
全碟24bit製作 重現當年錄音"真"本色
~24bit/96kHz High Quality Mastering~
Song List
 1. Oye Negra
 2. Danse Des Mirlitons (From "The Nutcracker Suite")
 3. Mack the Knife
 4. Calcutta
 5. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
 6. Coma Prima (For The First Time)
 7. Green Eyes
 8. Apache
 9. Wonderland by Night
10. The Poor People of Paris
11. Sucu Sucu
12. Never on Sunday (Les Enfants Du Piree)
13. Petite Fleur
14. Guaglione
15. The 3rd Man Theme
16. Linda Mujer
17. Carioca
18. Cuban Mambo
19. Chiu Chiu
20. Danse Arabe (From "The Nutcracker Suite")
21. Mambo No.5
22. Night Must Fall
23. Baia
24. Adios
     Bonus Tracks from the album: CUGAT CAVALCADE
25. What A Difference A Day Made
26. Tico Tico
27. Orchids In The Moonlight
28. Jalousie (Jealousy)
29. Guitara Romana
30. Dengoza

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