Majestic Drums XVI [DVD]


Price: $28.99

Release Date: August 7, 2017

World famous Percussion Legend
Li Biao
The Philharmonic Percussion Group of Berlin
Live performed by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and conducted by Yan Huichang

Song List

    敲擊樂合奏 Percussion Ensemble
 1. 巴羅克組曲 Baroque Suite
 2. 把世界連繫起來 Bridging the World
 3. 桌子音樂 Musique de Tables
 4. 蓋恩斯伯勒 Gainsborough
 5. 馬林巴聖曲 Marimba Spritual 
 6. 木塊音樂 Music for pieces of wood
    交響詩世紀之舞-為多位打擊樂獨奏和中樂團所寫 (香港中樂團委編/中樂版世界首演)
 7. 第一樂章:節慶 First Movement: Festivities 
 8. 第二樂章:秋天的夢幻 Second ovement: Autumn Fancies
 9. 第三樂章:時代之舞 Third Movement: Dance of the Times
10. 敲擊樂與樂隊【鼓樂澎湃VII.1012】Percussion and Orchestra Let the Thunder of Drums Roll VII.1012

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