Kenny G - Breathless [UHQ]

CODE: 88985465742

Price: $55.99

最新版本以日本Memory Tech成功應用新材質和開發嶄新製碟技術,研發出最新旗艦級高品質CD—Ultimate HQCD (UHQCD)
~Ultimate HQCD (UHQCD) 日本Memory Tech製造~

Song List

 1. The Joy Of Life 
 2. Forever In Love 
 3. In The Rain 
 4. Sentimental 
 5. By The Time This Night Is Over (Kenny G with Peabo Bryson) 
 6. End Of The Night 
 7. Alone 
 8. Morning 
 9. Even If My Heart Would Break (Kenny G with Aaron Neville) 
10. G-Bop 
11. Sister Rose 
12. A Year Ago 
13. Homeland 
14. Jasmine Flower 
15. The Wedding Song 

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