Opus 3《40th Anniversary Celebration Album》[SACD]

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瑞典發燒大廠 Opus 3 踏入四十週年推出這張精選專輯,輯錄多年來具代表性的頂級錄音,

~Made in Germany~

Song List

 1. Numbers On The Sun (from: "Opus 3 Artists Sing Tony Sheridan" Vocals: Bottleneck John)
 2. Gentle Rain (from: Yamina "How Deep Is The Ocean")
 3. Bentonia (from: "Tiny Island Vol.II)
 4. Going Home (from: Eric Bibb "Rainbow People")
 5. Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues (from: Bottleneck John "All Around Man")
 6. Hail Storm (from: B.B. Leon & Triple Treat "Blues Barn")
 7. Open Road (from: "Opus 3 Artists Sing Tony Sheridan" Vocals: Maria Winther)
 8. Round Midnight (from: Johan Dielemans Trio "Round Midnight")
 9. My Foolish Heart (from: Yamina "How Deep Is The Ocean")
10. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (from: Lars Erstrand With Guests "The Complete Songs")
11. Indian Cradle Song (from: "Kustbandet")
12. Maria (Bo Nordin) (from: B.B. Leon & Triple Treat "Blues Barn")
13. Blues Opus 3 (from: Kjell Ohman "The Hammond Connection")
14. Lonesome Valley (from: Bottleneck John "All Around Man")
15. Mias Avent (from: "Tiny Island Vol.II) 
16. Allegro di molto (from: Stockholm Guitar Quartet "Mendelsohn-Brahms-Debussy")
17. Komm susser Tod (from: The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble "Musica Sacra")
    ANDRE JOLIVET (1905-1974)
18. Hymne a l univers (Excerpt) (from: Mattias Wager "Hymne a l univers")

This Stereo Hybrid SACD can be played on any standard compact disc player.

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