Yo Yo Ma Plays The Music of Ennio Moricone [K2HD]

CODE: 88697974852

Status: This product is currently out-of-print

高音質CD 日本壓制 優質之選
藉著母盤處理工程師的音樂觸覺和技術,以K2 High Definition編碼技術將原本傾注在母盤音源的樂曲魅力以高達100kHz寬頻帶和24bit高比特的音頻訊息裝載到各媒體的【K2HD MASTERING】.
在CD mastering上通過把192kHz 24bit的訊息裝載至44.1kHz 16bit的CD母盤中, 是實現了到現在為止從沒有過的高音質化CD

Song List
Disc #1
  1.   The Mission
  2.   Gabriel’s Oboe
  3.   The Falls
  4.   Giuseppe Tornatore Suite
  5.   Playing Love from The Legend of 1900
  6.   Nostalgiafrom Cinema Paradiso
  7.   Looking for you(Love Theme) from Cinema Paradiso
  8.   Malena (Main theme)
  9.   Remembering (ricordare)
  10.   Sergio Leone Suite
  11.   Deborah’s Theme from Once Upon A time In America
  12.   Cockeye’s Song from Once Upon A Time In America
  13.   Main Theme from Once Upon A Time In America
  14.   Main Theme from Once Upon A Time in the West
  15.   Ecstasy of Gold from The Good The Bad and the Ugly
  16.   Brian DePalma Suite
  17.   Main Theme from Casualities of War
  18.   Death Theme from The Untouchables
  19.   Moses and Marco Polo Suite
  20.   Journey from Moses
  21.   Theme from Moses
  22.   Main Theme from Marco Polo
  23.   The Lady Caliph
  24.   Dinner
  25.   Nocturne
  26.   Playing Love from the Legend of 1900
  27.   Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission

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